Bluebird Moissanite

Unique, modern rings for a variety of occasions, partnered with the latest in fashion, brilliant Moissanite.

Beautiful to behold, eye catching, stunning fire with an incredible brilliance, clarity range equivalent of VS1 to flawless internally. Graded for excellent symmetry, polish and cut. . Characteristics that are completely different from anything found in other gemstones, including diamonds.

This is a lab created gemstone, grown and controlled, using advanced technology scientifically engineered for dazzling brilliance and remarkable appearance, rivaling the fire of a diamond but at a fraction of the cost these vibrant gems provide wonderful value for the money.

She deserves the best.

Our passion is to create quality, well constructed and fashionable jewellery items that are made for versatile wearing and long term enjoyment.Every piece of jewellery is hand crafted to order by our expert team.Please contact us with customization's, commissions, or curiosities, we’re happy to help your dazzling dreams come true

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