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  • 4526AD


Say yes my darling


Indulge her wish for a ring- with Mom and Dad's birthstones on each side.

It's the perfect gift with lasting memories with modern styles.

Available in all birthstones and in 10k or 14k gold.


Our goal and passion at luraygems.com is to create well crafted and fashionable jewellery items that are made for exceptional wear and long term enjoyment.


It is our belief that buying quality is a smart investment verses the lightweight, sparsely constructed designs that are more common in the market.


We are not a volume production company and fully embrace the old school traditions of craftsmanship, quality materials using both old school skill and cutting-edge tools, which result in guaranteed satisfaction.


When you commission us to create a precious piece of worn art from either one of our showcased designs or something we work together to create … it is made for you directly and of the highest standard.


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